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Mr. Takeoffs Estimating Inc

Precise Material Takeoffs For New Construction & Additions...

All we ask is to give us the opportunity to service your needs, you will be impressed and you will save money.

All estimates are NOT EQUAL.

There are many “tricks in the trade” regarding material estimates.

Our Takeoffs are complete and very accurate.

We’ve often hear that our material lists are “too complete” which could give the false appearance of being un-competitive in price or "Too High"

We’ve also heard (ALL TOO OFTEN) of competitor’s omissions, which gives the false appearance of too low of a price.

Use our list with confidence…it includes ALL that is needed to complete the project and you'll have a realistic budget number you can trust.

Building your dream house or a dog house? We’ve helped to build them all over the world since 1998.

Mr. Takeoffs has supplied Takeoffs for homes, apartments, and large commercial projects. Our industry know-how and vast experience are assets we like to share.

As part of our service we offer:

  • Product options to meet specifications
  • Trouble-shooting of common project issues
  • Years of experience to give you the peace of mind that everything will be included in our Takeoff

The Services We Provide Are Great For:

** The Builder**

We offer a "GREAT RATE" for our builders so your time is free to spend on the job. This is for repeat customers only. Multiple Jobs.

Our takeoffs are precise, creating a realistic budget for your projects, you'll never be over that critical budget number using our takeoffs.

** Framers **

This is a great service to you framers out there, we take the load of you so you can spend more time doing what your paid to do... frame. More time equals more money.

Again, with the precision of our takeoffs you'll never be going home early due to not having enough material on the job.

** Owner / Builder **

Acting as your own builder? I can't stress how important this is or how much money you can save by sending our takeoff list to your local lumber yards in your area. Let them compete for your .

Consultation is available if you have any questions. Put our experience to work for you. We will make a difference, and we will save you money.

** Lumber, Door / Trim Sales People **

For you that make a living selling building materials, just let us do those takeoffs for you and spend your time selling. Having a detailed takeoff helps in many more ways than one.

It gives your customer a real budget, making them happier, and they'll be back time and time again for that reason.

The accuracy of a takeoff can make or break the sales person.

The more bids you get out the more sales you'll generate. You do the selling and leave the takeoffs to us.

** Lumber Yards & Suppliers **

Keep your sales staff out there selling and let us do those takeoffs. We are precise and detailed...providing a material list your clients can read and understand.

Giving them a realistic bottom line number can only add to your business. We'll help you shine.

We Specialize in Multi-Family Takeoffs...

Please Call for pricing

  If you have concerns about hiring a builder and have any questions I'd be happy to offer my 30 years of experience free of charge...please call.

Call Allen Schmidt at 407-461-0111

or e-mail: [email protected]

     Thank You For Visiting Us And Please Call If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns About Our Service. 

     We Are 100% Customer Centered And Committed To Giving You The Very Best Service We Can.

The latest "Tiny Houses" is taking the market by storm...

Check out these great smaller homes on the link below.

We think they are just simply great...A fantastic investment opportunity.

Owned by Richard Hutchinson, a great person and a joy to work with.